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A Smattering of Recent Feedback:

I have combination skin that's really sensitive to synthetic ingredients. This is the first moisturizer I've found that does a great job keeping my skin hydrated with natural ingredients without it feeling greasy or like it's sitting on top of my skin. It's also great under makeup! It seems to help my makeup look great all day.

Nicole H.

Ok I never do reviews but the moisturizer is amazing. My skin has had this rough texture on my cheeks and felt like it was spreading further on my face. I used it for three days and it is diminishing and becoming smooth again. I thought I was gonna have to go to a dermatologist. I guess not!!!

Emily S.

I have only been using this moisturizer for 5 days, but so far it has been wonderful. It has a smooth silky finish and little to no scent. There were some dry flaky spots on my face which have disappeared. I do appreciate the fact that it contains natural organic ingredients. This will most likely become my facial moisturizer of choice!

K. Mouousseau

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Our goal is to provide truly natural skin and body care products with people who share our concerns about the potential health impacts of the substances we put on and in our bodies. However, our mission goes further than producing top-shelf natural products. Our mission is centered around helping equip people with accurate, evidence-based information, empowering them to take greater control over their health outcomes.

Put simply, we are trying improve people's lives through sharing current, accurate, and actionable scientific information about health. Our product line is our method of supporting those efforts in a sustainable and ethical way.

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