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More than skin deep, Awake Human is a creative, human-centered project. 

  • The concept for Awake Human was conceived in 2017 and launched in 2019.
  • Cosmetic chemistry is both art and science. The goal with the product line is to provide effective, clean-beauty products at an accessible price for people who care about the things they expose their bodies to. 

  • As the project progresses, I plan on creating templates, useful guides and reference information that act as various pathways to awakening. By that I do not mean a woo-woo type of metaphysical event. Rather, I am trying to provide clarity and yes, even encouragement to those who are seeking to self-actualize and awaken more fully. This occurs across every dimension: physical, psychological, socially, spiritually and even ideologically.

  • Eventually I hope to also make Awake Human a place for curated art, beauty and creative expression. 
  • I have learned and continue to learn so much from so many others. I hope that the Awake Human project can help others too. 

A little about me:

Imagine if Bill Nye and Alan Watts had a baby...

A biochemistry nerd and experimenter at heart, I'm passionate about health, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and helping others. 

I'm infinitely curious about the natural world around us and more broadly, the universe. The product line is my way of providing tangible, physical value to people. It is also my way of ethically supporting the broader mission: to share impactful information and encouragement to those that are seeking it.

Me prototyping and evaluating materials during the pandemic lockdowns:

Travis in the lab, formulating and testing during the pandemic lockdowns.